War prevention holds little interest to Australian ‘political’ blog sites

A perusal of Australian supposedly political web-sites will find little discussion about the wars which are raging now in the Middle East and Central Asia. Examples include johnquiggin.com and those listed as Australian Political Blogs (Plogs): on that site’s home page: Daily Bludge, David Horton, Fact Fiction and Photography, Hammy Goonan, Guido, Tim Lambert,
Larvatus Prodeo (Mark Bahnisch and others – now discontinued), Left focus, Andrew Leigh, Antony Loewenstein, Andrew Norton,  Palmers Ozpolitics Blog, Gary Sauer-Thompson, Helen Smart,
South Sea Republic, Watermelon Blog and Ian Westbrook.

No articles about the war against Libya of last year, which cost at least 50,000 lives, or the current attempt by the US and its NATO alllies to destabilise Syria with terrorist mass-killers is to be found on johnquiggin.com.  The closest is a seemingly obligatory post of 12 November 2011 concerning Armistice Day on the previous day. Prior to that opposition to war was dicussed obliquely in Has the US Defense Department killed a million Americans since 2001? of 21 October 2012 and only episodically prior to that..

This curious silence about events which detrimentally affect the lived of tens of millions of the earth’s inhabitants appears to be an extension of the refusal of many supposedly ‘left’ and ‘liberal’ intellectuals in Australia to examine the evidence that 9/11 was a false flag terrorist attack in which members of the US administration of President George W. Bush had to be complicit. By not questioning the claim that supposed Islamist terrorists hijacked 4 planes and, in contravention of the laws of physics, completely destroyed 3 buildings at the World Trade Center with only two of those aircraft, they failed to challenge the pretext that was used by President Gerorge W Buss to invade Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003.

Professor Quiggin has extended hi own refusal to discuss the rights and wrongs of current wars to also making difficult for site visitors to express their on opposition. An example is how early on 10 June 2012 a comment linking to a story about how British journalist Alex Thomson was set up by Syrian insurgents to be killed by the forces of the Syrian Government was deleted.  (The story included a link to this Russia Today broadcast.) The comment was deleted for supposedly being “Off Topic”. Professor Quiggin has yet to approve any subsequent post with the same content in the ‘open thread’ promised by him when he deleted the comment. (Presumably the promised ”open thread’ is  Weekend reflections of Sunday 10 June).


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