The Myth of the Kurdish YPG’s Moral Excellence

Thank you. This article confirms all that I feared about the Kurdish separatists. As your article shows, much of what is said about Syrian Kurdisan could also have been said of Israel back in 1947.

An example of a very slick public relations for the YPG is Unless one remembers the foundation of Israel in 1947, it would seem odd that all the social emancipation, as described in the “Kurdish Question” web site, is happening in such close proximity to so many US and allied soldiers.

My one concern about this article is your surprising claim that “[Damascus hoped that] the PKK [would] join the Islamist insurgents.” This seems unfair to the Syrian government. In any case, what could President Bashar al-Assad possibly have gained by having the ranks of the Islamist terrorists, that his government was fighting, increased with YPG fighters?

Stephen Gowans

July 11, 2017

By Stephen Gowans

A barbed criticism aimed at the International Socialist Organization, shown nearby, under the heading “If the ISO Existed in 1865” encompasses a truth about the orientation of large parts of the Western Left to the Arab nationalist government in Damascus. The truth revealed in the graphic is that the ISO and its cognates will leave no stone unturned in their search for an indigenous Syrian force to support that has taken up arms against Damascus, even to the point of insisting that a group worthy of support must surely exist, even if it can’t be identified.

If the ISO existed in 1865. Of course, Washington lends a hand, helpfully denominating its proxies in the most laudatory terms. Islamist insurgents in Syria, mainly Al Qaeda, were not too many years ago celebrated as a pro-democracy movement, and when that deception proved no longer tenable, as…

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