With less than four weeks left in the Australian Federal election campaign, the well-deserved demise of the Liberal/National coalition John Howard is not the foregone conclusion that should be.

Today’s Australian Newspaper <a href=”http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,22670483-601,00.html”>reports</a&gt; that the Two Party Prefered (2PP) Vote which stood at 58/42 has now been halved to only 54/46.

This is almost certainly largely the result of a relentless  effort by the corporate Newsmedia to mislead the Australian public into voting for the Howard Government yet again.

If they succeed in doing this it will not only represent an unparalleled tragedy for the Australian public, but it may well be the final nail in the coffin of democracy in any meaningful sense in Australia.

A precedent, whereby the incumbent Australian government is entitled to make almost unlimited use of government resources in order to hold on to power will have been effectivley legitimised.

This abuse of incumbency includes the roughly AU$1billion spent since the Government last won office on self-promotional advertising, most infamously and fraudulently the <a href=”https://candobetter.org/node/152″>AU$120million and counting</a>, spent on misinforming the public about its “WorkChoices” legislation which stripped away the basic entitelements that many Australians who voted for Howard in 2004 had never imagined would be taken from them.

Subsequently it was found that the claims made in this campaign, that is, that a number entitlements had been “protectd by law” were false, just as the opposition parties and the unions had said.  As the 2007 elections were approching in 2007 and the unpopularity of “WorkChoices” threatening electoral obliteration, the Goverenment rammed through and enormously complicated ‘fairness test’ amendments to its WorkChoices legislation.  This legislation, in theory, compensated for some, but not all of the workers rights which had been previously stripped away.  One right which was not restored was the right to be protected against unfair dismissal for companies employing fewer than 100 workers. Without this right all other rights are meaningless as any employee who may object to an AWA on the grounds of ‘unfairness’ could easily be sacked further down the track for any excuse whatsoever.

Throughout 2007 right up to the announcement of the offical election campaign, Austalians were bombarded with furhter misleading advertising, althought this time, not quite as misleading as the first bout of “WorkChoices” adertising in 2005.  This saturation-level advertisinng on TV, radio, newspapers and the Internet was ostensibly to inform them of the rights that many had not known would have been wouod have taken away from them in the first place back in 2004.

The Howard Government cannot be alowed to get away with this.


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